Organization is based on two main roles:

Champion (Project Lead)
Responsible for the definition of the required goals, planning and management of the whole project.

International Advisor
Involved in the project on specific matters related to his personal competence. He is the reference for the geographic area he operates in.

Chain Accent Organization


Silvio Ercole Beccia
Marco Lauro Bonomi
Paolo Gabusi
Fabio Pierdiluca

International Advisors

Jordi Lucio

Fabio Crostelli

Stephan Haupt

Janne Salmi

Fernando Kneese

Danilo Lucci
Carlo Martinetto
Guido Parazzoli
Filippo Tabusso
Claudio Zuccolotto


Silvio Ercole Beccia

Projects aims filling gaps or innovating. Key is focus on Shareholder’s and Customer’s value.

Marco Lauro Bonomi

Prerequisites for Project success is a strong commitment from the participants that means to have deeply shared target, strong methodology, transparent approach, and results monitoring.

Paolo Gabusi

When we make recommendations we must closely link them to quantitative targets. That’s why the analytical part of a project is so important.

Fabio Pierdiluca

To achieve “dreaming” results we need to understand what enables and assists our clients in driving productivity, while minimizing costs and risks.