We enrol high seniority professionals.

allowing a wide view of problems to quickly focus on critical points and key drivers (or critical to quality CTQ’s)

Our approach

We strongly believe in Know How transfer to client through a close and continuous collaboration.

We do commit on tangible and measurable results and we are open to operate with value sharing approach too.

Used leverage

Customer Value and Shareholder
Flows smoothness
Envinronment sustainability
Resources utilization
Supplier competitiveness
Supply Chain visibility
IT solution
Multichannel synergies

Maximize Customer and Shareholder Value while focusing on overall competiveness.

Working out on Flexibility of logistics / manufacturing system.

Stabilise flows, reduce the ratio cost / service.

Maximize resource utilisation.

Increase environmental sustainability.

Leverage outsourcing and managing it.

Increase supply chain visibility for an effective management.

Developing training on the job, motivation and buy-in.

Use of software and technology solution when convenient.

Support and develop e-commerce solutions.

Leveraging multichannel and omnichannel synergies.

Processes in scope

chainaccent ambiti intervento

Road Map definition

Due to the extension of the supply chain systems and solutions, it is a priority to define the Road Map as a first step.

Building the Road Map means to understand the opportunities might be generated by the Supply Chain and to have identified the priorities.

Road Map Commitment:
Improvement Targets
HR adjustments
Timing and sequencing
Risks and actions to reduce their impacts
Backup plans